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What is php-bbdr?

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php-bbdr is a rewritten version of phpBB 3.0.14, also known as a fork. It has a number of new features not found in phpBB 3.0.14, and many not found in phpBB 3.1.x or 3.2. A large number of bugs have been fixed, and many features have been enhanced. Let's go through these changes.

New Features
  • php-bbdr incorporates the WordPress plugin API. Yes, that means php-bbdr supports plugins. Since the plugin API is the identical code that is in WordPress, it has been thoroughly tested by millions of users for several years. It is rock-solid and secure.

    By using the WordPress plugin API, php-bbdr makes it easy to write plugins. If you have written a WordPress plugin, you already know the basics of how to write a php-bbdr plugin. If you haven't, writing a php-bbdr plugin is an order of magnitude simpler than writing a phpBB 3.1 or 3.2 extension -- you don't even need to know or understand PHP to write a plugin! And on the user side, installing a php-bbdr plugin is an order of magnitude simpler than installing a phpBB 3.1 or 3.2 extension.
  • php-bbdr fully supports PHP 7.0 and emojis. Yes, you read that correctly. Despite what has been written elsewhere, it was not particularly difficult to modify the base phpBB 3.0.14 code to support PHP 7.0 and emojis. (This site is running with PHP 7.0.) We took emoji support one step further -- php-bbdr supports emojis on all supported versions of MySQL. It does not require extended character support, which means your database will be small and fast.
  • php-bbdr supports SEO-enhanced URLs without the need for Apache URL rewriting Yes, you also read that correctly. php-bbdr has the ability to create "Pretty URLs" that contain the forum name or the topic title. All of its URLs have been simplified to make them easier to remember. For example, here are some sample groups of URLs, the first being what is displayed in phpBB, the second being what is displayed in php-bbdr:

    Select allCode

    The last group demonstrates an SEO-enhanced URL by incorporating the "This is a test" topic title into the URL.
  • php-bbdr includes a new, sleek, default style. The Prosilver style in phpBB was great in 2007. But it's 2016, and let's face it, the style is outdated and slow. These days, people want things to display FAST.

    The new php-bbdr style is among the fastest styles ever developed for the phpBB platform...and may well be the fastest. If its "Pagespeed Mode" is enabled, it will achieve a perfect 100 score on Google Pagespeed -- both in desktop and mobile mode. It also achieves a perfect 100 score for its mobile user interface. (Don't believe it? Seeing is believing.) The new php-bbdr style is sleek, clean, and professional. It was specifically designed to be used on professional/business/commerce websites where speed, eye-catching looks, and simple-to-use features are valued.

    php-bbdr also comes with an updated, and much faster and more feature-packed, version of Prosilver for those who prefer something comfortable. Our prosilver-dr style fixes a large number of display bugs in the original Prosilver style. For example, those on Windows systems will finally be able to see the same fonts everyone else has been seeing since 2007!

    Both styles have a new set of smilies. Actually...for the most part they are an old set. We felt that the smilies should look like, well, smilies -- not like Martians. So we went retro: most of the smilies are from phpBB2, a couple are animated versions of their phpBB2 counterparts, and two are, well, geeky.
  • php-bbdr includes legally-binding Terms of Service and Privacy Policy pages. One of the real problems with phpBB is that its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are written to protect the phpBB Group, not you. Even worse, most (if not all) of the non-English versions were translated by people with no legal experience. One wrong word in the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy translations can invalidate the documents...or worse. phpBB also allows the display of these pages in multiple languages...and any decent attorney will tell you this is an unwise idea. It's the responsibility of the user browsing your site to understand your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, not for you to display the documents in a language the user can understand.

    php-bbdr comes with Terms of Service and Privacy Policy pages that were written by attorneys. They protect YOU. It would probably cost you more than one thousand US Dollars to have an attorney write these documents for you. We understand that other sites and/or board solutions will probably "borrow" these documents, and that's fine...we consider it a compliment!
  • And much more! You'll find features like last topic titles on the board index, removal of most intermediate "successful" pages, and enhanced timezone support. You'll also find features like the ability to create a homepage message and disable the ACP login prompt, and if the style supports it, the ability to select style-specific options such as the location of the post profile (right/left).

Enhanced Features
  • A rewritten Admin Control Panel. The ACP in phpBB was designed by software developers, for software developers, and it is not user-friendly. We tried to make parts of it easier to use. There is no need to mess around with website hosting panels and FTP programs if you want to upload styles, plugins, language packs, converters, and site logo images. All of these procedures can be done from within the php-bbdr admin control panel. You no longer have to mess around with convoluted procedures to edit your CSS and templates because both are easily edited in the ACP. Your edits will immediately take effect, and the changes will always be saved to your filesystem..

    We made wholesale changes to the ACP display to bring it from its phpBB2 2002-era roots to 2016. The ACP is now responsive and displays properly on tablets and smartphones. Its color scheme is no longer a low-contrast mess. Overall, the php-bbdr ACP theme is designed to be complementary to the new front-end php-bbdr theme.

    We completely rewrote the styles section. You can now upload styles. You can now upload site logo images, and those images are selectable from all styles. When viewing the details of a style, you can actually see details -- such as a screenshot of the style, and information about the style author. (Style authors are going to love php-bbdr!)

    And finally, there is a new section for plugins. If you have used WordPress, you will recognize the look. You will also know how to install, activate, deactivate, and delete plugins, and how to view a plugin's settings pages.
  • Styles have more features. This is another area where we took a cue from WordPress. WordPress themes can define their own features. We thought that was a great idea, so...php-bbdr styles can define their own features. We've mentioned a couple examples already, such as our Prosilver-dr style giving you the ability to select the position of the post profile. The style also gives you the ability to select a default avatar for all users and select the font sizes to be used in its fontsize changer. In the php-bbdr style, you can select between the defaul time format and an "hours/days ago" format (which is used on this board), display a custom page when the board is disabled, and change the display of quotes in posts:
    how cool is this?
    A test quote
  • And much more! We've already mentioned the enhanced Prosilver-dr style. The admin, user, and moderator panels have been reorganized to make them simpler to use. Users can upload avatars that will be resized by the server, saving them the time and frustration of trying to find and/or resize avatars themselves.

So now we've gotten you interested in php-bbdr. Great! Your next question is obviously "How can I convert my phpBB 3.0.x or 3.1.x board to php-bbdr? The php-bbdr installer will automatically, and very quickly, convert a phpBB 3.0.x board to php-bbdr. We also just happen to provide a converter to make it easy to convert your phpBB 3.1.x board to php-bbdr. We also provide converters for other popular board solutions such as IP.Board, Xenforo, vBulletin, SMF, and MyBB.

If you want to give php-bbdr a try, you'll find it HERE.

Please note that during alpha testing stages, you must become a member of this board to be able to download php-bbdr. It will be made available to everyone when it enters official beta testing. In addition, some features mentioned above will not be made available until the final beta stage.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and hopefully you will decide to use php-bbdr for your board solution.